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Teacher's Corner

Do you want to use this learning center in your classroom?
That's great! I made this website to spread the fun to everyone!

Feel free to use all the options of the Frog Learning Center, even the Frogs of Fancy Messageboard. However, I must request that you start any new links with a frog mascot of your own! Fengali is a red-eyed treefrog, but perhaps you want your mascot to be a fire-bellied toad or a blue poison dart frog! So be it! Give him/her a name and e~mail me with details. I can draw an icon for a page just for your class, add links for your class stories, and even add new features you think would work well with my set up.

My name is Amy Loveless, and I'm currently a Junior at Southern Utah University majoring in Elementary Eductation., so I won't be using this page anytime soon, but feel free to use it! E~mail me any comments, suggestions, or requests to have your class stories posted on the web. My e~mail is:



Frogs are cool!


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