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It's story time!

Fengali the Frog is our red-eyed treefrog friend! We can now join him in a quest for storytelling!

  • First, follow the link to Frogs of Fancy, Fengali's favorite hang out.
  • Second, Find a story you'd like to join. For example, there might be
    three stories taking place. One might be a grand frog adventure about
    Pirates and another might be a fantasy tale with Frog princes slaying dragons.
  • Third, continue the story with a few sentances of your own. Make sure
    to enter your name
    into the box with "Your Name" written above it.

Then, when we've all had a chance to contribute, we'll illustrate the stories together and post them here at my Frog Learning Center for all to see!

Click on the image below to start the fun:


Frogs are cool!


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