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Fun froggy Facts

Here are some facts you might want to remember as you help with our storytelling project! Fengali is glad to help!

-Steps of Metamorphosis:

  • egg
  • pollywog/tadpole
  • froglet
  • frog

-Types of frogs:

  • Tree frogs
  • Poison-dart frogs
  • toads
  • bullfrogs
  • red-eyed tree frogs (Fengali is one of these)

-There are some frogs that lay their eggs in their mouth, where they are hatched. They emerge from their mothers' mouth, fully formed.

-All toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.
(Meaning that some frogs are mistakenly called toads)


This is the Asian Fire-bellied Toad.
He is not actually a toad in that he spends most of his life in water. He is not a dry-land creature like his toad cousins. He has webbed feet, too! He also uses his orange underbelly as defense against predators . When he feels threatened, he turns over and suprises them.

Places frogs live:

  • rainforests
  • forests
  • deserts
  • ponds
  • caves


Frogs are cool!


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