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Welcome to Miss Loveless' Frog Learning Center!!

Here we will learn more about frogs as we discover and play together. Follow the links to learn fun
new facts, learn new fairy tales, and start our own froggy adventures! Fengali the Red-eyed Tree frog will guide us
along on our new road to discovery!

A few notes of interest-- Links on this page are lavendar when they have not been visited, pink when they have been, and white when you are on that page.

Fun frog Facts leads you to a short list of facts I have compiled for your use.

Story Time leads you to my story project. Completed stories will soon have a link beneath this called "Class Stories."
Seeing as I'm not yet teaching, that won't appear for awhile, unless other teachers start using this page. If you do, and want me to post your completed stories, let me know! There's a link to my e~mail in the link column on your left.

Frog Links leads you to a list of other useful sites I have compiled for your use. If you can't find the answer to a question in my facts, there are several pages here for your good.

Fengali is a short history of the frog that inspired the mascot of this page. (just for fun)

And the Teacher's Corner is information on how you, too can get involved!

Frogs are cool!


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