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Fengali the red-eyed tree frog

Hello! I am Fengali! I am a red-eyed tree frog. We live in the rainforests of South America, where frog species are more diverse than anywhere else in the whole world! I am actually named after a beanie baby that Miss Loveless found when she wasn't older than 10. She had never seen a frog with red eyes before, and was amazed when someone told her they really existed. I wasn't named Fengali until years later when she was in college. Miss Loveless LOVES frogs, and has a collection of stuffed animal frogs. However, until college, they were all nameless, until her friend(and roommate) Dani helped her name all of us. She decided a name like "Fengali" was fitting for a rainforest creature. So here I am, today... star of the internet, Fengali the Frog!!

I'm a Red Eyed Tree Frog!
Red-eyed tree frogs come from the warm and humid rain forests of Costa Rica in Central America. Some believe that their red eyes are a form of protection called "startle coloration". These frogs are very mellow during the day, and tend to be active only at night, so if the frog is awakened in the daytime, as might happen if a predator chanced upon it despite its excellent day time camouflage, the eyes pop abruptly open, hopefully startling the predator. This species tends to do better in a community of other red eyed tree frogs.

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